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  • why is playdough beneficial for children?
    playdough provides children with endless learning opportunities, particularly for those that prefer to learn kinaesthetically. it is a great material for sensory play that allows children to practise skills in hand-eye coordination and fine motor development. playdough is great tool for creative and imaginative play and has great therapeutic value! it's perfect for play at home, on the go, by yourself or with friends!
  • what makes playdoughology so special?
    each tub of our playdough is handmade using non toxic, food grade ingredients. it's coloured, scented, soft and long lasting. ​ our unique playdough tubs are interlocking and stackable. we have launched with our 'treats collection', which has six amazing scents inspired by treats of our childhood. ​ our signature mini ombré stacks are adorable and make the perfect addition to any gift!
  • what scents are available in the treats collection?
    scents inspired by treats of our childhood red - strawberries & cream orange - orange sherbet yellow - banana green - toffee apple blue - bubblegum pink - marshmallow
  • what sizes are available?
    mini 50 grams tub - think golf ball medium 180 grams (aroma collection/custom) - think tennis ball large 280 grams tub - think basball bulk buy 1kg tube
  • is your playdough edible?
    our playdough is not intended for consumption, it has a high salt content. however, rest assured that all ingredients are food grade and non toxic. parental supervision is recommended.
  • how do i keep my playdough fresh?
    playdoughology recommends that your playdough is stored sealed in original interlocking stackable tubs when not in use, in a cool dark place. our playdough can last more than 6 months. if it happens to dry, give it a good knead with warm hands; if required add a drop of water at a time and knead until softness is restored.
  • how do i clean playdough off fabric?
    it is best to remove excess playdough and allow remaining playdough to dry out then loosen with a stiff brush.
  • my playdough is not exactly the same shade as that shown!
    due to the handmade nature of our playdough slight variations may occur.
  • what if my child has allergies?
    our playdough contains flour and is made where nuts and other allergens may be present. the upmost care is taken to avoid contamination when preparing playdough.
  • do you accept returns?
    unfortunately, playdoughology does not accept returns.

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