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our story

how it all started...

​playdoughology was accidentally created by Rita, an early years educator, and mother of three.
when Rita had three children under three, playing with her homemade playdough was certainly a favourite activity for them. Rita in her role as playgroup facilitator has made numerous batches of playdough for her little friends to enjoy.
playdoughology all started when a lovely grandmother that attended the playgroup, commented on how amazing the playdough is!  once she heard that it was handmade by Rita herself, she wanted to buy some and suggested that she start selling it!  since then Rita has had lots of happy customers that return to collect all the beautiful colours and scents. 
Rita remembers her own childhood and her mother making playdough.  she has seen the endless learning and creative opportunities as well as the physical and therapeutic benefits when playing with the multi sensory playdough, in her own children and those that she has taught (and their caregivers too)! 

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